Wrecked Vehicle Disposal

Protect Your Family and Your Property with Expert Vehicle Disposal

Potted plants, windchimes, and those little concrete squirrels – people like to decorate their lawns with all kinds of things. But abandoned cars? Possibly the worst lawn ornaments there are. Aside from simply being eyesores, unused vehicles can present a number of issues for property owners, including the following:

Uninvited Guests

An old steering column or a rusty wheel well is the perfect environment for bees or hornets to build a nest. Wrecked or derelict cars can also attract rodents such as squirrels and mice. After these pests have taken up residence in your old junk car, your home may be next! Prompt junk car removal is a good way to prevent a pest infestation and stay one step ahead on property maintenance.

Environmental Hazards

Junk cars can leak all types of fluids that can be dangerous or detrimental to your property. A professional car removal service can make sure that your vehicle is disposed of responsibly and legally.


Broken glass, rusty motors, jagged metal – bad news. Even if your junk car isn’t close to your home, debris and litter from old vehicles can spread as a result of the elements and animal activity. Having a professional pick up junk cars can help protect your family from these potential risks.

More Illegal Dumping

A car sitting unused on the side of a property can sometimes entice passersby to dump their own trash nearby, especially in rural areas. Then you not only have to contend with the removal of a junk car, but someone else’s trash as well. Prompt vehicle disposal will keep your property from being the unofficial dumping ground for the whole county.

Junk Car Removal in Columbus, IN

If an unused, broken-down car has been sitting in your driveway or lawn, Columbus Towing & Recovery LLC can help. Don’t worry if the vehicle doesn’t run – in fact, it doesn’t even need to have wheels! Our flatbed tow truck can handle vehicles in any condition. We can dispose of junk cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more, and our team will always treat your property with the utmost respect. For a vehicle disposal professional to haul your worries away, contact us today at (812)418-8058.