Flatbed Tow Service

flatbed towing servicesFlatbed towing, also called rollback towing, is one of the safest ways to transport a vehicle. At Columbus Towing & Recovery LLC, we’re committed to providing our clients with maximum safety and superior service. That’s why we offer flatbed tow services in Columbus, Indiana and surrounding communities.

Following an accident, flatbed service can help haul away even the most severely damaged vehicles. Even if the vehicle isn’t completely wrecked, it is often best to use a flatbed tow truck because conventional towing service could possibly damage the car or truck. In cases where the vehicle is all wheel drive or if the undercarriage is too close to the ground when lifted by a traditional tow truck, a flatbed towing service is the best option.

No matter the situation, we have the flatbed tow truck options you need for safe towing at Columbus Towing & Recovery LLC. And because we’re available 24 hours a day, we’re here for you whenever you need flatbed services. Call now for your free estimate or to get a member of our team out to pick up your vehicle now!

Flatbed Tow Service and Safety

taylorsville indianaWhen a vehicle is loaded on a flat bed carrier, minimal stress is put on the car or truck that is being loaded. That’s why flatbed towing is the best choice for severely damaged cars, vintage models, and luxury vehicles. If you have any concerns about the safety or security of your car or truck during transit, talk to the experts at Columbus Towing & Recovery LLC about flatbed service. We want you to feel great about your tow service experience with us. We’re happy to speak with you about the benefits of using a flatbed tow truck to transport your vehicle.

Choose Flatbed Towing for Long Distances

Columbus Towing & Recovery LLC is available to transport your vehicle any major distance and choosing flat bed towing is a great option for this. This tow method keeps all four wheels of the car or truck off the ground, which means that your vehicle won’t incur any wear or tear during transportation. For shorter distances, a regular tow truck may be the best choice. For longer trips, though, a flatbed tow service will help make certain that your vehicle arrives in exactly the same condition as when it left.

If you’re not sure which type of towing service is best suited for your needs, ask the professionals at Columbus Towing & Recovery LLC. We are happy to recommend the type of tow truck service that will best meet your needs. Contact us today!